Skiing and Alpinism


Entering Padawan Chute Hyalite Canyon, MT



Ski mountaineering and filmmaking to me are not only sources of immense exploration and realization, but provide catalysts for geographical appreciation and enhanced cross-cultural understanding. Through outings both regionally and internationally, I follow an innate curiosity with the places, people and issues that comprise the communities of our world. Through skiing and the communication of issues through the audiovisual medium, I seek to foster and promote geographic and ethnographic exploration, understanding and a synergy of issues that face us all; to explore the common narratives that reach beyond borders, many of which can be found in the alpine environment. 

Since I was 18 months old, skiing has been a core tenet of my life, granting clarity, humility and immense realization. Skiing has served as a vehicle into other world ranges and societies and continues to inspire me to peek around that next arete, giddy at what I may find. On this site I hope my films and images do the same for you. This page is an anthology of all things ski.Massive thanks to all of my alpine partners who help me turn dreams into reality on a regular basis.


Special thanks to my 2016-2017  equipment sponsors for ensuring that I have the finest alpine tools out there.

Making films is my medium for sharing the energy, inspiration and athleticism of the alpine with fellow alpinists and those who may never step foot in the alpine.